Jewelry History


Diamond History

In 1901 Queen Victoria passed away and her son Edward VII became the King of England. This period refers to his reign; hence, the term Edwardian. In France, this time span was termed La Belle Époque (or "the beautiful epoch" or era). Renowned for it exquisite craftsmanship with an airy feminine style and rich restrained designs, it was an era well named. Platinum had finally come of age. While it had been discovered nearly a century earlier, its use in jewelry was virtually unknown. Making dating simple, a piece of platinum jewelry is almost always from the turn of the 19th century or later, used mostly during this period and forward. Jewelers used platinum and diamonds to create intricate and delicate filigree patterns that resembled lace. Edwardian motifs included garlands, bows, tassels, bar pins, tiaras, lavalieres, sautoirs, and multiple strands of seed pearls in a choker length.