Our Story

Larry and Natasha

Platt Boutique Jewelry is the home of sibling duo Larry and Natasha, who grew up with a passion for all things vintage. As the youngest generation of a family of jewelers, from young adulthood they envisioned creating a business that makes jewelry from across the ages feel relevant and modern against the backdrop of the current fashion moment. The focal point for the duo has been vintage engagement rings and unique antique jewelry, making them the darlings of a creative community in Hollywood and beyond that seeks one-of-a-kind pieces.

“We grew up in a home surrounded by antiques and history. Vintage jewelry has been a focal point of our business since day one.”

With a heritage that dates back to the golden age of great Russian jewelers and artisans, Larry and Natasha’s family emigrated to the U.S. and settled in Chicago. The duo gained industry experience from a young age under the tutelage of their father, a diamantaire who developed a thriving diamond business, particularly in creating custom diamond engagement rings for young couples (and now works with them, having been lured westward by their growing business!).

Larry and Father
Inside The Shop

Larry and Natasha have a keen interest in fashion and developed a reputation for having an “eye” for the unique, unusual and fabulous, while also having the experiential background and knowledge base to authenticate and appraise antique jewelry and signed pieces. They moved to Los Angeles in their twenties and quickly gained attention for the youthful energy and fashion-forward approach they brought to sourcing vintage and antique pieces for collectors, and all lovers of vintage.

“We are obsessed with unique antique jewelry. When something truly dazzles us, it will live in one of our personal collections for a while until we can bear to part with it. It’s not really about rarity or importance as much as something almost spiritual – being unique and having its own character and life.”

Across the following years, the duo grew their vintage jewelry and antique engagement ring business, expanding from a small booth in the Antiquarius to their first charming store on Robertson, to their current location — a sprawling, light-filled hangout/store experience that shares space with Larry’s wife Robyn, the curator of the designer womens vintage clothing boutique, The Kit Vintage. Visitors may find themselves talking tequila, canoodling with resident pup Deco, and swooning for hours over the always changing trove of treasures the boutique proudly displays.

Store Interior